SHARNDY travel notes of outdoor mountaineering team on Zhanqi ancient road

SHARNDY outdoor mountaineering team, Zhanqi 5km mountaineering journey on August 22.
The early mountaineering team leader in the company group launched the solitaire and attached the pictures of the destination of the activity. Everyone signed up very actively this time, and many colleagues who don't often participate in the activity also signed up one after another. In addition to many mountaineering colleagues, many professional self media people and photographers, it is not difficult to see that the gold content of this activity is still quite high.
On the morning of the 22nd, the company went by three cars and arrived at the destination at 9:30. There was still a heat wave in the morning of early autumn, but it didn't affect everyone's interest in climbing.
Wait for the team to take a group photo and punch in. Then go up the mountain, go through Huiri Zen temple first, and climb up.
The challenge this time is a simple 5-kilometer mountain climbing. My friends are very happy and look forward to the next activity. Let's meet ourselves better in autumn and winter, be happy and meet ourselves better.