Sharndy has participated in the 2023 Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo

Ceremony at 9:00 am on March 28, the four-day exhibition will show its brand strength by competing with 2000+ brands from different
industries on the same stage. As a new standard in the bathroom, electric towel racks are gradually replacing traditional non-electric
towel racks, and have broad prospects for future hotel.
As the professional electric towel rack manufacturer with the largest exhibition area on site, this exhibition has brought many new
design of products to everyone. The 12V low-voltage concealed wire installation products have attracted a large number of hotel purchaser,
buyers, designers and offline dealers. preferences
Compared with previous years, this year, there is a greater demand for electric drying racks. Many hotels have reported that
customers not sure about where can be  hang on in order to dry after washing. It happens that our 2-layer drying product with a shoe rack
that can be meet their needs. The double-layer foldable floor-standing design is convenient for storage. Solve the pain points of hotels,
especially popular with B&B and hotel users