SHARNDY Electric Heated Clothes Dryers Promoted in Chongqing Zhongbai Supermarket


Ningbo Haishu SHARNDY Bathroom Fittings Co.,Ltd, one of the 80 famous brand enterprises from Ningbo, presented SHARNDY Heated Clothes Dryers in Direct Sales Center of Ningbo Famous Brand Commodity, which was sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government, Chongqing Municipal Government and business giants, opened in Chongqing Zhongbai supermarket on 11th, Sepetember, 2009.

Numerous excellent figures presented themselves in this opening ceremony, such as, Deputy secretary and Mayor of Ningbo Municipal government, Mao Guanglie, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Political Consultative Commission and Executive Vice President of Ningbo Economy Promotion Conference, Zhang Weiwen, Standing Committee Menber of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government Tan Dahui, Associate Director of Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal People’s Congress Zhang Jinkang, Deputy Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government Wu Hemin, Xumingfu, Vice Chairman of Ningbo Political Consultative Commission Zhang Minghua, Vice Secretary General of Chongqing Municipal Government Luo Guang and so on.

This Direct Sales Center of Ningbo Famous Brand Commodity witnessed its first booming day with turnover more than RMB1,000,000. The Deputy Director of the Trade Administration Lv Qiming confessed that Ningbo Trade department would attract more foreign business enterprises to cooperate with the enterprises from Ningbo to promote"products made in Ningbo"