SHARNDY 618 is here! New technology, new products, new subsidies you name it!

Recently, 618 topped the list of most searched items on Weibo. SHARNDY, as the top electric towel rack brand in the domestic industry, will also participate in this tmall 618 event.

SHARDY is ningbo "high-tech enterprise", deep industry 18 years, is the earliest engaged in research and development of electrically heated towel rack manufacturing export one of the few enterprises, but also exported to Europe the electrically heated towel rack pioneer brand, products are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and so on more than 50 countries and regions, exports for many years to keep the industry first, In terms of the number of product patents, the number of product safety certification at home and abroad, the protection of the company's trademark, the scale of export, the scale of personnel and the scale of factory floor area, SHARDY thinks that she is in the top camp of the industry.

This year's 618 event, SHARDY wants to do even more than in previous years to give back to consumers, so that consumers can enjoy a more intelligent, safe and energy-saving electric towel rack at a lower price.