How to dry clothes in rainy season? SHARNDY electric drying rack, dry clothes fast and save electricity!

The season enters summer, is also a year rainy season, the weather pattern every day is in wet, stuffy, rain, heavy rain, thunder shower switch.
How to dry the clothes is another headache.

Indoors to dry?
Dry up slowly do not say, do not get the ultraviolet ray sterilization in the sun, especially in the humid south, dry clothes are more likely to breed mold.
Mold can also cause skin infections and allergic rhinitis, asthma and other problems in sensitive people.

If you're still hanging clothes by hand, blowing your underwear with a hair dryer and grimacing over your damp laundry, there's nowhere to hang it.
Come to know SHARNDY's electric drying rack, which can help break the tradition of "drying without drying", and let us easily care for the health and cleanliness of clothes no matter in rainy days and haze days.

Authoritative certification, effective mite removal

Nowadays, mites have become a word that everyone talks about.
They like to exist in dark, damp environments, are almost everywhere, and reproduce very quickly.
The biggest impact on us is acne, enlarged pores, itchy skin; People with poor resistance may also be allergic to dust mites, resulting in allergic rhinitis.

SHARNDY electric drying clothes rack can quickly dry towels, bath towels, small clothes, a good solution to the breeding of mites.
In the process of heating, SHARNDY multi-functional electric drying rack has automatic antibacterial and mite removal effect, and has been certified by the authority, mite removal rate is up to more than 90%, so that our life is safer and more assured.

Quiet heat conduction, energy saving

SHARNDY electric drying rack does not make any noise during the working process, so there is no need to worry about affecting the sleep of your family at night. The clothes hanger is made of high quality space aluminum, professional constant temperature design, temperature control in 45℃ to 55℃. Equipped with internal temperature limiter, automatically stop working when the temperature exceeds 75℃, without the risk of scalding and damaging clothes, which can not only play the drying effect, but also prevent harm to human body.

Not only that, the SHARNDY heating rack is also fast, it can reach the set temperature in 10 minutes, spring and summer clothes can be dried in 2-3 hours, and autumn and winter clothes can be dried in 4-5 hours.
And very energy-saving, according to 8 hours a night, 50 cents per kilowatt electricity to calculate, a night only need about 90 cents.

Easy to fold, no space
Worried about having nowhere to put it?
The SHARNDY electric drying rack weighs only 3.5kg and can be lifted with a finger. Fold it up when you don't use it and put it in your closet or on top of your closet for easy storage.
When not drying clothes, it can also act as a temporary clothes hanger, hang many clothes, put on the balcony does not affect the normal living space, can fully meet the daily needs of a family.