SHARNDY graphene towel warmer was selected into the recommended catalogue of high-quality products in Ningbo in 2022


Recently, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology released the recommended catalogue of high-quality products in Ningbo in 2022. 536 enterprises were selected and 1424 products were listed in the recommended catalogue of high-quality products in Ningbo. SHARNDY graphene towel warmer was successfully selected!

With the technological innovation and breakthrough of smart health, environmental protection, energy conservation and rapid heating, SHARNDY graphene electric towel warmer has become the product representative of China's electric towel rack industry and once again witnessed the innovative charm of SHARNDY electric towel warmer.

Graphene has the highest thermal conductivity so far.
The graphene electric heating towel warmer designed by SHARNDY adopts panel structure design. The graphene electric heating plate directly contacts the solid aluminum material, and the solid aluminum material directly contacts the towel, so that the contact area between the towel and the panel is larger, the heat loss is reduced, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 99%, making the towel drying effect better. Under the trend of advocating low-carbon and energy saving in the world, SHARNDY wants the graphene electric towel warmer to follow the trend and contribute to carbon neutralization and carbon peak.
Whenever the northern hemisphere enters winter or the south of China enters the plum rain season, cotton products such as towels and bath towels are difficult to dry quickly after wet water, which is easy to breed bacteria, stink and sticky. The SHARNDY graphene electric heating towel warmer solves this problem well.

According to the actual measurement, under the environment of 22 ℃, the drying time of a wet towel with SHARNDY graphene electric towel warmer is only about 2.22 hours. With this drying efficiency, the towel warmer can be used as a small dryer to avoid the embarrassment of moisture, keep the towel dry and soft, inhibit bacteria and mites, and protect our healthy life.

SHARNDY graphene electric towel warmer adds the concept of smart home control. When using, you only need to open the mobile phone WiFi link applet, and you can remotely adjust the temperature and set the time without downloading any app. In addition, the SHARNDY graphene electric towel warmer also supports voice control through tmall genie, making it more user-friendly.

Since its establishment in 2003, SHARNDY electric towel warmer has focused on the new electric heating industry for 18 years, with a strong R & D and manufacturing team. It has obtained 80 international safety certificates and more than 240 patents, including CQC and GB in China, UL in the United States, cul in Canada, SAA and c-tick in Australia, GS in Germany, S-Mark in Sweden, kucas in Kuwait, KC in South Korea, CE and RoHS in Europe. At present, the sales scope not only covers the whole country, but also exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. It has become one of the leaders in the drying and moisture removing products industry.